Can the ‘globalising world’ become a citizen’s world, with citizens the foundational agents of democratic society? This ambition involves radical rethinking of the meaning of citizenship and education, bringing work and worksites to the centre of citizenship and transforming education to educate for careers as citizen teachers, citizen business owners, citizen clergy – even citizen civil servants. International movements promoting “people’s power” at the cost of the nation-state are already calling on citizens to take the initiative.  What would citizen-centred democracy in a citizen-centred world look like?

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Dr. Harry C. Boyte is Director of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship at Augsburg College and Senior Fellow at the Humphrey School, University of Minnesota.  Currently he works as Visiting Professor at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. Dr. Boyte is author of several books on democracy and citizenship issues including The Citizen Solution (2008) and Everyday Politics (2004)


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