The Xi administration makes clear that China wants to become the leading world power. Through recent Chinese initiatives with regional and global implications, such as a new ‘silk route’ and the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment bank as well as China’s role in the South China Sea,  there is no doubt that the “country in the middle” wants to reclaim its global role.

What does this mean for the world and, more specifically, for Europe? China already plays a crucial role in Latin America and in Africa. This year Europe celebrates forty years of diplomatic relations, and sees a growing number of Chinese investments in almost all sectors, but is Europe aware of what really is going on in China? Can China become a global power, and is Europe and the rest of the world ready to deal with this?

persfoto-campagne1-300x262Kathleen Ferrier has been living in Hong Kong for almost two years now. During this Bread & Brains she will talk about her experiences and  vision regarding China as a upcoming power. She is involved in issues related to human rights, migration and sustainability. She is active in the EU Academic Programme, the Americas Committee of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and the work of “The Mekong Club”, that fights contemporary slavery. As a public speaker and trainer she is asked to participates in (regional) conferences and seminars, on issues like human rights and (female) leadership.

Join our monthly special at the Humanity House in the Hague 

Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8 Den Haag
The organic lunch starts at 12:00
The presentation & discussion is from 12:30 – 13:30
Costs: €10,