Turkey shares more than 1000 km border with Syria and Iraq. The turmoil in Syria has been a grave concern from various aspects for Turkey. The situation has become all the more complicated with the expansion of DEASH/ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. In this connection, Turkey attaches particular importance to finding a viable and swift solution to current conflict on its southern borders.

The crisis in Syria is widely acknowledged as the greatest humanitarian tragedy the international community faces since World War II. During this last edition of our Bread&Brains, Turkish Ambassador in The Netherlands H.E. Mr. Sadık Arslan will elaborate on how Turkey has provided contributions to the international coalition as an active member to fight against DAESH and on how the country has been providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian and Iraqi refugees. What is Turkey’s perspective on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in it’s border countries, Syria and Iraq?


H.E. Mr. Sadik Arslan
 is the Turkish ambassador in the Netherlands. Previously he was Chief Advisor and Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey. He held several positions at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at the embassy of Tel-Aviv, London and Jeddah (Saudi-Arabia).


Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8 Den Haag
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