On Friday 22nd of November, the ‘Intersessional Meeting between Major Groups and other stakeholders and the Open Working Group on SDGs’ will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. During this dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals, various stakeholders and involved groups and individuals will discuss cross-cutting issues to do with this theme. A number of sessions, each with several speakers and a variety of related questions, have been planned throughout the day.

Worldconnector Jan van de Venis will be the first speaker in the first session entitled ‘Rights-based SDGs that encompasses all dimensions of Sustainable Development’, in which he will speak about the importance of placing human rights at the basis of the SDG’s and the ways in which this could be done. Check out the programme for this day here.

To help ensure an ambitious and pro-active post-2015 sustainable development framework, the co-chairs of the Open Working Group and major groups and other stakeholders are inviting the public to an interactive dialogue on the sustainability issues important for the SDG’s. For more information and to see how you can be involved (also if you can’t attend), check this page on the UN website.