African youths are the promise of the continent, often educated and holding valuable skills. Applying these to food production is an important development opportunity. Food production in Africa is mainly in the hands of smallholders and rural households. How can the youths take it to the next level and how can we support farmers more effectively?

During the event on the Future of Farming and Food Security in Africa on the 22nd of June in Utrecht, we will take an optimistic look at challenges farmers face in Africa. With an opening by Worldconnector and chairman of the Socires foundation, Jos van Gennip. The event brings together international speakers, Dutch and African ministers of agriculture, leading academics and practitioners from the field. Three pertinent questions for this conference are:

How to make African smallholders more efficient – farming, food and finance?

How to invest in smallholders and food security in post conflict regions and fragile states?

How to provide careers for young men and women in the rural agro-food sector?

For more information on the event (including recommended reading) and to register, have a look on the FoodFirst event page. Make sure to register before the 1st of June!