Conventional agricultural systems are not up for the challenge to feed the growing world population in a sustainable way. Clearly, focusing only on maximizing crops is futile, but where should we turn to look for effective alternatives? Evolution and our environment might hold the key.

On 21 April, leading scientists from around the world will discuss the potential of ecologically intensive methods to transform agriculture. They will present a wide spectrum of cutting-edge applied research on natural (eco)systems that offer sustainable solutions. We must work with nature and use natural processes to develop robust agricultural systems.

Get inspired by top scientists, including Worldconnector and professor at Wageningen University, Louise Vet. The conference, organized by NIOO and KNAW, will take place in Amsterdam on 21 April from 9:00 to 17:00. Admission is free.

For full details on the event and to subscribe, check the Conference flyer or visit NIOO.