On 28 and 29 April the World Future Council and partners are organizing a conference on the approaches to institutionalize the rights of future generations. The event will bring together (practicing) experts from around the world. They will deliberate ‘why we need independent institutions, and how they should work for the long term’.

Policies are influenced by differing interests, most of them focussed on short term needs. This doesn’t mean that it is not in our power to take into account the rights of future generations in effective policymaking processes. In fact, this is already being implemented in different forms in places around the world. The conference aims to highlight existing initiatives and carry forward new pragmatic proposals to institutionalize the rights of future generations, on the national level as well as internationally.

Chairman of the Worldconnectors working group Ombudsman Future Generations, Jan van de Venis, will head a subsession during the conference. He is a frontrunners in advocating for the need of an Ombudsman for the rights of future generations in the Netherlands and actively fosters international cooperation.

For more information on the event visit the conference page or download the flyer.