On April 24 the University of Utrecht and Legal Research Master are organizing a daylong conference on businesses and their social and environmental responsibility. The conference mainly focuses on legal aspects. Businesses are increasingly aware of their impact on society and they are exploring new ways of incorporating sustainability and social goals in their business model. What are their reasons for doing so?

The Legal Master Conference comprehensively covers three elements: Corruption, Business & Human Rights and Social Entrepreneurship. What are repercussions of corrupt acts for companies, when these are leaked? What about the challenges to people seeking to rectify injustices by multinational companies? And what are (legal) chances and challenges for social entrepreneurs and how can governments play into this? These and more questions will be covered in-depth.

The conference starts with plenary presentations from keynote speakers on the different subjects. Worldconnector Tineke lambooy will present her insights on corporate social engagement and Mark Hillen gives a presentation on Social Entrepreneurship. These will be followed by presentations on corruption and Business & Human Rights. In the afternoon participants are free to choose the topic of their interest and take part in one of three interactive workshops moderated by experts from the field and academic lecturers.

If you are interested in the changing social character of businesses, then join the conference! Entrance is free. To subscribe and for more information, including the program, visit the conference page.