In October, Coolpolitics is starting the third edition of the Masterclass Development Cooperation with Jan Pronk, during which the organization will be working closely with ViceVersa, a journal about international development cooperation. The masterclass is aimed at the new generation of policy makers and opinion leaders, with a focus on the development processes and the ways in which the current direction of globalization offers new relevance to international (development) cooperation.

In the course of this Masterclass, Worldconnector Jan Pronk, a well-known expert in this area, will give a number of lectures as well as assignments about development cooperation. In addition, as a participant you will also have the chance to write 4 blogs about relevant topics for the websites of Coolpolitics and ViceVersaOnline.

You can sign up till the 10th of September. The selection of participants of the Masterclass will be made known on the 21st of September, and the first meeting is expected to take place on Friday October 4th, either in Arnhem or Amsterdam. The costs of taking part in the Masterclass are 400,- euros per person.

The Masterclass will be in Dutch. For more information, check the website of OneWorld.