On Wednesday October 30th, 3 speakers will engage in a Max Havelaar discussion on ‘True Pricing, Fair Banking and Fair trade: Managing the transition to a truly value-creating economy’. These are Worldconnector and executive director of True Price Adrian de Groot Ruiz; Rob van Tulder, Professor at RSM Erasmus University (EUR); and Peter Blom, CEO of Triodos Bank.

The discussion will look into the changing understanding of the aim of entrepreneurship and business as well as the changing perception of value creation. Economic, social and environmental values (created by, among others, companies, banks and countries) and the transition to a truly value-creating economy will be addressed.

Adrian de Groot Ruiz will approach this topic from the perspective of ‘true prices’ and share his experience at True Price Foundation. CEO of Triodos Bank (prized as a leading sustainable bank) Peter Blom will in turn discuss fair and sustainable banking and also make the connections to fair trade and true pricing. Professor Rob van Tulder of the EUR will hereby introduce the topic with the question of how fair trade can change the mindset of businesses.

This event is the sixth edition of the Max Havelaar lectures. For more information about the discussion, check this link. You can sign up here.