On 9 March the US’s Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships kicks off its annual Global Partnerships Week. They work with partners across sectors, industries, and borders to promote economic growth and opportunity; to invest in the well-being of people from all walks of life; and to make democracy serve every citizen more effectively and justly. During this week agencies from around the world participate by supporting or hosting partnership events that foster, support, and highlight the impact of cross-sectorial collaboration.

To celebrate Global Partnerships Week, PYXERA Global is bringing together leaders from the public, private, and social sectors to discuss the importance of partnerships for social impact. PYXERA explores ways to support talented individuals, facilitate multi-stakeholder cooperation to enhance inherent capacities of local communities and helps local enterprises to benefit from natural resource discoveries.

The PYXERA event ‘The Importance of Partnership’ will be broadcasted on 12 March at 16:30 GMT+1 (Amsterdam time). Tune in to get inspired about partnerships for sustainable development:  PYXERA Global Webcast.