ScholteOn Monday 23 September, Prof Jan Aart Scholte opens the SID lecture series ‘Dispersed Power in a World in Transition’, with a lecture ‘Geo-politics and Changing Power Relations’. The lecture takes place at the VU University in Amsterdam from 17:00-18:45.

Scholte, Professor in Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, will discuss the consequences of power shifts happening in world politics today. The rise of so-called ‘emerging countries’ leads to power redistributions among states. There are also re-scalings of power among local, regional and global governance actors alongside national states. Power in world politics is increasingly shared between official and nonofficial actors such as business corporations and civil society organisations. What do these changes mean for the future shape of diplomacy and indeed the very governability of society and its many pressing global policy challenges?

Moderator of the discussion is Gabi Spitz (NCDO).

Please find the invitation with more information here.