During the SID lecture on November 11th, Dr. Benjamin Barber will speak about the increasing power of urban agglomerations. In most countries, in Europe and the US and perhaps even more so in many developing countries, the convergence of power takes place in one or just a few main cities. This means that power in countries is not evenly dispersed and large cities are becoming increasingly more influential. What is their agenda and how do these cities view their relations with governments and other non-state actors?

Benjamin Barber is Senior Research Scholar at The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society of The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, and Walt Whitman Professor of Political Science Emeritus, Rutgers University. He is also te author of several books, among these Jihad vs. McWorld and soon to be published If Mayors Ruled the World.

This event is part of the SID lecture series ‘Dispersed power in a world of transition’.

Entrance is free. For more information about the lecture and to sign up, check the event invitation.