In recent years financial systems proved to be far removed from fulfilling a purely functional role for society. They have plunged the world into a financial crisis from which it is still recovering. Changes have to occur in the financial sector to prevent this from happening in the future. On 15 April 2015 the Dutch Socires Foundation and partners are organizing the symposium A Broad Approach to Finance and the Common Good – Addressing the Technical, Structural and Moral Challenges of the Financial Industry.

The event brings together an international group of speakers and through panel discussions aims to find new insights. Developing viable solutions requires a revaluation of the structural, technical and moral characteristics of the financial system. One much debated issue is whether the financial system is best left to the market or whether it should be regulated and by whom: governments or through self-regulation. Questions about culture and morals in de financial system, both for individual and on an institutional level, will also be addressed. Another issue receiving a lot of attention is how diversification in the financial system, for example in scale, management structure and activities of institutions, can contribute to a healthy financial system that benefits the common good.

The symposium will take place in The Hague on 15 April starting at 12:00. People with a special interest in this subject are welcomed to subscribe. For more details visit Socires.

Worldconnector Jos van Gennip is president to Socires.