TEDxLeiden explores the transition to a sustainable and resistant society and does so from a socio-cultural and financial perspective.

It has organized an event on November 22nd, with a number of talks around the theme Circles of Life, with Worldconnector Michel Scholte among the speakers. He will address the issue of monetizing societal value (True Price). The other talks will also touch upon diverse soci0-cultural and financial issues.

It will also be a great opportunity to meet people in an inspiring environment. TedxLeiden will take place in the Meelfabriek in Leiden, a monument which is being redeveloped with the thought of sustainability and social value.

The municipality has made it possible to sponsor Tedx tickets for 100 students, making them available for students for 25 euros instead of the normal price of 75 euros.

Check out the programme and order your tickets here.