In thought-provoking introductions, three experts from the University of Utrecht will shine a light on women’s empowerment and gender equality in society. During the workshop the audience has the opportunity to share their thoughts, ask questions and participate in a dialogue on this important topic.

The history, present and future of women’s day (8th march) will be considered from different rights-based perspectives. Speakers will introduce the significance of international conventions on human rights, articles that call on preferential treatment for women, and business law on diversity in relation to gender equality.

Worldconnector and Associate Professor Corporate Social Responsibility at Utrecht University, Tineke Lambooy, questions how well large businesses are complying with Dutch business law for diversity and women’s rights in boards.

If you are interested in and passionate about gender equality, join this event and contribute to the dialogue on how to make gender equality a reality.

The event will take place in Utrecht on 9th March from 12:00 to 14:00. Costs are €10 – free for students and PHDs. To subscribe and for full details on the event, check the Workshop flyer.