During the Post-2015 Charter Initiative on April 20, partners and signatories to the Charter will convene in The Hague to discuss progress and initiate partnerships on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. After the signing of the Charter on cross-sector partnerships on 29th September 2014, this event launches the next phase in engaging Dutch stakeholders on the road to ‘universal wellbeing without leaving anyone behind by 2030’.

The Post-2015 Agenda is well underway and progress is being made in the Netherlands and Internationally. Interviews and discussions have been held with the companies and organizations that signed the Charter and the initiators have continued developing new ways to cooperate on the post-2015 Agenda and Goals. At the same time, the international process is carried forward by states and other stakeholders.

During the Working level workshop, these developments will be presented and discussed in order to create new collaborations on the Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, this is an important step for engaging all sectors in implementing the SDGs.

Another high level meeting will be held in June to share progress in the Charter Innitiative with partners. These meetings are organized by the Worldconnectors, True Price, DSM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.