The challenge is clear and urgent. If, on a global level, the same level of greenhouse gasses continue to be emitted, then it takes only 12 more years before we reach a global warming of 1.5 degrees Celcius. Even climate sceptics can agree to this. Also the aims are cristal clear, we have to transition to a low carbon economy and in 2050 the balance between emission and CO2 sequestration should be equal. How to reach these aims, is not such a complex task. For instance, the WBCSD outlined nine solutions backed by 180 companies which altogether accounts for a substantial contribution to the solution, under the condition that these ideas are scaled up quickly enough.

The Netherlands is at the bottom of the list in the transition to this low carbon economy and thus seems to stay behind in the development of new economic structures. There is a need for more and better leadership within politics and the businessworld, but there is also a need for more consensus within society. Insecurity, fear and thus opposition prevails; which is used by some political parties to delay the agenda.

Aim of the working group
Within this working group we aim to paint a picture of this sustainable society that we should transition to. We do this together with scientists, business, innovators and media experts. Can we convince people that this new society is a pleasant place to linger? Can we convince people that this transition creates a huge economic impulse, which generates more employment opportunities? Can we convice that tackling global warming contributes to the solution of many other global goals? In short, what if we, in society and at schools, can build bridges away from ‘an inconvenient truth’ to a ‘better future for all’? We need to move away from merely talking and towards action. We need to move to a climate of (loving) confrontation: confronting the impact that each plan, policy or measure has to reduce greenhouse emissions and the use of energy. How can we, as Worldconnectors, encourage this trend? Where can we contribute to accelerate the realisation of this low carbon society?

If you’re interested in joining this working group or if you want to give feedback on these ideas, please contact the chair of the working group.

Chair:               Lena Euwens
Contact:           lena[at]