Future Generations

We are all connected. With the generations ahead of us. With our family, friends and networks in the present. And with future generations: our children, grandchildren, etcetera. Future generations are our fellowmen yet to be born, but also children and youngsters are part of this. They are the ones not in powerful positions in society. They are the ones who’s voice is not heard or not listened to enough. They are the future.

In everything we do here and now, we influence the well-being of future generations. Their chances, their nature, their happiness. Therefore, we are responsible to respect their interests, needs and right. The Dutch society and politics is heavily focused on the short term and insufficiently concerned about effects on the (very) long term. We do this, although we create a legacy that future generations cannot refuse.

Aim of the working group
The aim of the working group Future Generations is to influence our society in such a way that it will take into consideration the interest of future generations. This can be achieved through, among other things, awareness, legislation and institutions. Currently, the working group has several projects.

The Worldconnectors call for:

  • The creation of a Dutch advocate for future generations: for instance, an Ombudsman for Future Generations. The chair, Jan van de Venis, takes on this role as observing Ombudsman Future Generations.
  • The recognition of the fundamental right on sustainable development and a healthy living environment of all Dutch citizens and future generations.
  • An advice for current institutions, so that they will take the interests of future generations into account sufficiently. This is based on a similar appeal in the Global Goals (no. 16) and the Climate Agreement.
  • Political parties to include the interests of future generations in their election programme (TK2017) and in their decision making afterwards.
  • Participation in the network ‘The Roundtable of Institutions for a Sustainable Future’.
  • Research conducted on jurisdiction, legislation and other practices that support of hinder the interests of future generations. In this way we act as if we only have the world on lease from our children in order for us to pass on a better and more beautiful world.

Read the Background Paper Ombudspersoon Future Generations here: Ombudsperson Future Generations in the Netherlands Legal Background Paper

If you’d like to join this working group, or you have valuable input you want to share, please contact the chair of the working group.

Chair:             Jan van de Venis
Contact:         Jan[at]JustLaw.nl
Twitter:         @JanvandeVenis en @OmbudsToekomst
Facebook:     Ombudsman Toekomstige Generaties