Green Economy (True Price)

The Worldconnectors’ working group Green Economy has started the True Price initiative which is currently supported by NCDO, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Oxfam Novib, CNV, AkzoNobel,
DSM, Rabobank and FMO. True Price was begun in November 2012.

True Price is social movement with the aim to contribute to a sustainable economy by promoting transparency about the real prices of products towards consumers. ‘True price’ is the quoted price plus the costs of unpaid social and ecological externalities, for example under-payment of workers and environmental pollution. Transparency about the real price of products allows consumers to easily see how sustainable these products actually are. At the same time, producers will be motivated to innovate so as to reduce the damages caused by externalities for a positive reputation vis à vis their competitors. True Price also gives producers the opportunity to see the impact of their sustainability practices which they can then communicate in a credible manner.

The first aim of True Price is to spread the vision that an economy with real prices is sustainable and to set up a platform to exchange ideas about this concept. It will then facilitate the development of a standard – together with businesses, research institutes, governments, NGO’s, investors and consumers. Finally, it will promote the transparency about and the reduction of external costs.

The Worldconnectors Round Table on June 24th 2013 was concluded with the official launch of True Price, during which a first insight was given into the calculation method which True Price is busy developing for placing more emphasis on natural as well as social capital. In addition to Worldconnectors, a number of special guests from various companies and organizations that are involved in the initiative were present at the launch, including Triodos, CNV and DSM. Check out our news article about the Round Table and the True Price launch.

Please visit the website of True Price for more information.