Food Security

One of the themes the Worldconnectors worked on in 2011 was Food Security. The global community is currently confronted with two major food-related challenges. In the short term, one billion people with chronic hunger require immediate help. In the long-term, there is a need to ensure food security for a growing world population (an estimated 9 billion in 2050) in the context of the increasing scarcity of land, water, energy and minerals.

In March 2011, the Worldconnectors published a Vision Document on food security (see attachment below) in which they recommended that an ODA budget of no less than € 1 billion per year should be made available for agricultural development for a period of 10 years. This policy recommendation was aimed at the Secretaries of State for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Worldconnectors believe that the Netherlands, with its experience and knowledge-base in agriculture and water management, is uniquely placed to play a leading role in improving food and nutrition security in the world. It is also in the Netherlands’ own interest to promote a stable and sustainable world with adequate food supply for all. Coordinating and stimulating activities of the private sector, knowledge institutions and NGO’s, the Dutch government can make a major contribution towards food and nutrition security. International and in particular European cooperation should be actively pursued.

The Vision Document was drafted by the Worldconnectors Working Group on Food Security, based on a range of international reports and conference outcomes on agricultural development and food security, as well as interviews with a large number of experts in the Netherlands and abroad.

Worldconnectors Vision Document Food Security