Bart Romijn is a member of the Worldconnectors board and is director of Partos, the Dutch branch association for development cooperation with approx. 115 non-governmental member organizations. In this capacity he is the chairman of Platform Ondernemen in Ontwikkelingslanden, the Internationale Samenwerkings Poort en several other partnerships.

Professional background
The common theme in Romijn’s work is the advocacy and mobilization of citizens and civil organisations for sustainable, inclusive development around the world. After receiving his degree in Wageningen, Romijn worked in the early 80’s with Greenpeace and the European parliament. In 1988 he founded the not-for-profit consultancy Aidenvironment, a social enterprise avant-la-lettre, of which he was the director for 15 years. He subsequently spent ten years as director of Warner Strategy & Fundraising, in which capacity he supported over a 100 civic organizations and initiatives in their strategic positioning, the strengthening of their organizations and generation of revenue.

Personal motto
Sincere affection for humanity and nature is the key factor for a sustainable future.

Maatschappelijke organisatie