Elske van Gent is Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the New World Campus. Alongside coordinating the daily business of the organization she is responsible for the substantive development of the Campus. Elske is working with all associated stakeholders to encourage and facilitate innovative social impact, at local and international scale levels and everything in between.

Professional Background
Elske has worked in international cooperation since a decade, primarily targeting Private Sector Development in developing countries. She set up and implemented several bilateral and multistakeholder projects in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Most of the projects were associated with  the Food & Agribusiness sector but they also regularly touched upon other subjects.

Elske studied International Relations and Integrated Communication Management and focuses in her work on establishing a bridge between social and commercial goals.

Personal Motto
How smart and educated you are, you only have one view at the world: your own. To get to real change and impact cooperation with others is a necessity.


Maatschappelijke organisatie Social enterprise