Jeanne is an enabler pur sang with a servant leadership style, a finance- & investment background and a social & sustainable mindset. She is inspired by Ubuntu (an African philosophy which relates to the awareness all life on earth is interconnected) and by Earth Charter. The following Earth Charter principles relate to Jeanne’s values and meaning in life:

• “Respect the Earth and life in all its diversity” Recognize that all beings are interdependent (interconnectedness) and that every form of life has value, regardless of its value to humans.

• Reaffirm your faith in the intrinsic dignity of all people and in the intellectual, artistic, ethical and spiritual potential of humanity. “Integrate the knowledge, values and skills necessary for sustainable living into formal education and lifelong learning”

• Provide everyone, especially children and young people, with educational opportunities that enable them to actively contribute to sustainable development (Social Inclusiveness).

• Recognize the importance of moral and spiritual education and training for a sustainable existence (Sustainable life).”

As founder of LifeTree and UbuntuAcademy Jeanne’s core interests are: life long learning, social inclusiveness and sustainable life. LifeTree – provides strategic consultancy, finance- & investment services and partnership development to family offices, social- and sustainable initiatives as well as ANBI foundations. UbuntuAcademy – provides a Minor Social Entrepreneurship as well as Walk-the-Talk and Act-to-Connect development sessions. UbuntuAcademy encourages and facilitates the active, innovative and creative role of participants to contribute to a respectful and peaceful society based on their own values, motivations and talents.