Currently Maurits is a programme manager corporate social responsibility at GVB in Amsterdam. 3500 people work at GVB and as the second biggest public transport company it serves almost 1 million commuters on a daily base. Next to his work at GVB, Maurits is co-founder and author of and co-founders and treasurer of the Pim de Kuijer Foundation.

Professional background
After a year of working at an childrens home in South Africa, Maurits decided to study political sociology at the University College Utrecht and the London School of Economics. After his studies he worked at various political organisations such as the Liberal Democrats and the D66, and did a traineeship at the European Parliament. Maurits became passionate about sustainability while he was working in his hometown, Rotterdam. He was a senior advisor on this topic and worked as a programme manager at De Groene Zaak, a network of frontrunners in sustainability and business.

Business community actors