Naema Tahir is a British-Dutch writer and lecturer, of Pakistani origin. She has authored numerous books and articles on the topic of migration as well as on the empowerment of immigrant women, their human rights and identity, published in the Netherlands. In 2015, she was appointed member of the Advisory Council of International Affairs, of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Professional background
Naema Tahir has worked as an expert in Human Rights Law at the Council of Europe. She also fulfilled the positions of Juridical Advisor for Asylum seekers and Refugees at UNHCR (also known as the UN refugee agency) in Nigeria and of policy officer for the department of Southeast Asia at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was a journalist and presenter at the Dutch Muslim Broadcasting Station and columnist for the television program Buitenhof. Tahir is committee member to Human Rights Watch Amsterdam and member of the foundation Reading and Writing and the European Cultural Foundation.

Personal motto
”Art and Education have the power to make the difference.”

Media and publicity