Thiëmo Heilbron is founder and director of Fawaka Nederland. Fawaka Nederland is concerned with people to which the discussion around sustainability is not yet directed. The enterprise aims to include these people in the challenges towards a more sustainable society. Fawaka Nederland believes that sustainability does not need to be elitist and that everyone can live according to principles of sustainability. In taking this vision, a broad range of connections between sustainability and diversity are made (culturally, education levels, cities and rural areas and more).

Professional background
Thiëmo Heilbron is a socially engaged ecologist, with an international view. Sustainability is his passion. He is entrepreneurial, dedicated and works hard to make a difference in the world. He likes projects with lots of interaction with others and he likes to see the result of his work. Among other things, Thiëmo Heilbron has worked as a sustainability consultant at Meneer de Leeuw and as a Senior Scholar at the ECHO Junioracademy.

Personal motto
”I Am Because We Are” – Ubuntu

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