Professional background

Wouter is one of the founding partners of Steward Redqueen, a consultancy with a clear mission: ‘making business work for society’. It is boutique exclusively focused on sustainability and impact. Wouter also is adjunct-professor at TIAS, school for business and society. Among other things he is researching the collaboration between multinationals and social enterprises (“Ploverbird symbiose”).

In 2017 Wouter published his book “Sustainability in the Boardroom” (available in Dutch only). The main research question in that book is whether the leadership of multinationals is focused on a transition toward a more sustainable economy, or rather on the sustainability ratings game? The book was longlisted among the 50 best management books in The Netherlands in 2018.

Personal motto

Those who say it can’t be done, should get out of the way of those who are doing it. (Sir Edmund Hillary)