Li An Phoa

This we know: All things are connected, Like the blood that unites one family…

    Whatever befalls the Earth,

    Befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth

    Human did not weave the web of life;

    (S)he is merely a strand in it.

    Whatever (s)he does to the web,

    (S)he does to her/him-self.

Chief Seattle, Suquamish and Duwamush tribes

This same idea is at the core of the Earth Charter, a remarkable declaration of 16 fundamental principles for a just, sustainable and peaceful world. Earth Charter: “We stand at.. a time when humanity must choose its future… We are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny.”

In this world, where a systems view of life is now part of contemporary science, the world is a network of inseparable patterns in relationships; the planet as a whole is a living, self-regulating system.

Li An engages one in such worldview through outdoor learning experiences and projects around landscapes, food and water. With Spring College, she brings university students, entrepreneurs, investors, organisational teams, families and children on walks grounding our personal singing hearts in beautiful places and aligning the logic of life (ecology) with our daily life choices (economy). She currently starts her project on Drinkable Rivers, as indictors for a new economy and a regenerative society.

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