Danny Vader en Hélène van Engelen

The Earth Charter provides a beautiful foundation how we can live in respect and peace with all life. With this it gives a practical way to embody, understand and grow as an individual as well as a group or even society.
Due to our interest in leadership and consciousness, we developed a wheel of conscious growth based on for the good of all and to support all life. We feel the leaders are the steppingstones to the future. This means that they are willing to carry themselves and their environment and community towards a sustainable future.
The form of deep listening we teach leaders really helps not only to understand your community but also the land the Earth herself by listening to her voice and acting accordingly. We bring in the voice of nature in leadership.
An important source for wisdom based leadership is our contact with indigenous peoples. Through our sustainable cooperation with Elders (Wisdom-keepers) from, among others, North American tribes, we continue to deepen our intuition, knowledge and experience. We have made much of this wisdom accessible in a practical way in our trainings and training materials.
In Magic Entrepreneurship we teach leaders and professionals how to be more connected and have a sustainable base to conduct their business.
We also teach and supervise at the SGLA (Sustainable Global Leadership Academy).
Our training through the Fire Keeper Acadamy supports and evolves the indigenous knowledge of heart-based consciousness. The heart is the seat of the fire keeper of each and every being. This is where consciousness grows and creates a future. As we return to a heart connected society.