Earth Charter materialen

As an affiliate of Earth Charter, the Worldconnectors are encouraged to embrace the Earth Charter and uphold the values it stands for. This can be as simple as reading and keeping the Earth Charter in mind. However, Earth Charter International also offers many other ways to actively engage with the Earth Charter.

There are special programs for youth and children, a Deep Time Walk, an Earth Charter game, and an abundance of visual- and video materials are available. In these activities and materials, the values of the Earth Charter takes center stage, making them a great way to get acquainted with our values. Or partake in one of our courses.

Participating in the International Earth Charter Courses

Earth Charter International offers interesting in-depth courses. Explore the offerings of the Earth Charter Education Centre in Costa Rica, such as a course on ethical leadership in business or a course on leadership, sustainability, and ethics.

Involved in education?

There’s the international online certificate Education Course available, provided by the Earth Charter Education Centre in Costa Rica, such as the course on ethical leadership in the business sector, or a course on leadership, sustainability, and ethics.

Active in Education?

  • Then try the international online certificate Education Course, which is provided by the Earth Charter Education Centre and the secretariat of Earth Charter International in Costa Rica.

Youth and Leadership

  • For young people who want to showcase leadership, Earth Charter International regularly organizes online Young Leadership Programs. In a series of ten sessions, you will get to know young people from different parts of the world, expanding your network and acquiring skills and qualities to use the Earth Charter for change focused on sustainability and future generations. Keep an eye on the website for information about when these courses will be offered.
  • And, check out the toolkit for young people.

Het Handvest van de Aarde

There is a wealth of information and documentation available about Earth Charter in many languages and for varying audiences. The Earth Charter itself can be found in fifty languages in the virtual library of Earth Charter International (virtuele bibliotheek). In this repository, you can find Earth Charter brochures, flyers, educational materials, resources for businesses, and more. These materials are free to uses and download.

“Turning conscience into action for a thriving Earth”