About Worldconnectors, affiliate Earth Charter

We are the Worldconnectors, an affiliate of the Earth Charter, a dynamic think tank that unites the societal values of its members and brings about real change. Together, we collaborate on innovative initiatives that make the world a better place and accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our coalition of engaged connectors brings together professionals from diverse sectors, generations, and disciplines to address complex sustainability and societal issues. From policymakers, entrepreneurs, and scientists to representatives of NGOs and media, they all connect from their professional roles to effect positive societal change.

The vision and work of the Worldconnectors are based on theVN Millenniumverklaring (Millennium Declaration) and the Earth Charter. We strive for a sustainable and just society, where respect for nature, human rights, economic justice, and peace are central. Our goal is to inspire and motivate individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments to integrate the principles of the Earth Charter into their policies and daily practices.

By forming partnerships and organizing engaging activities such as Roundtables, Case Clinics, Dialogue on Tuesdays, and Meet & Greets, Worldconnectors contributes to the transition toward a sustainable and just future for everyone.

Intergenerational approach

At Worldconnectors, we embrace a healthy mix of young and experienced members. Our working groups include representatives from different generations, allowing us to connect experience and energy. This has resulted in successful spin-offs where ideas from younger Worldconnectors have evolved into thriving social enterprises.

Activities and Working Groups

Upon the initiative of individual members, new thematic working groups can be established. The working group determines the content and focus of the theme. During the Roundtables, we reinforce ideas from the working groups and assist in supporting concrete initiatives.


Partnerships are essential in our approach to enhance impact. We enter into partnerships on projects where we collaborate on specific themes, particularly within working groups.

Financial Independence

Worldconnectors is both substantively and financially independent. We fund our core activities through substantial annual contributions from members and additional donations from partners.

Contact Information

If you wish to become a member of Worldconnectors, nominate someone, or collaborate on a specific theme, please contact Janneke Bosman, Coordinator of Worldconnectors, affiliate Earth Charter, at [email protected].