(Nederlands) Vacature Young Worldconnector

By Redactie on Thursday 18 December 2014
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Oneworld Interview with Visionair and Chairman Erik Thijs Wedershoven

By Redactie on Wednesday 10 December 2014
At 28 years of age, Erik Thijs Wedershoven is a very young Chairman for the Worldconnectors Association. What motivated him to reach this level and why does he belief in bringing together leaders from different sectors of society to further sustainability and development?...
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New Book demands Fundamentally Rethinking of Leadership

By Redactie on Monday 1 December 2014
The new book by Worldconnector and CEO at Triodos Investment Management Michael Jongeneel and innovation specialist Guido van de Wiel, […], about the new leadership style in business management has taken off.  Eight concrete steps explain which resources leaders of...
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Worldconnectors Carries on as Independent Association

By Redactie on Tuesday 25 November 2014
On the 8th of December the first meeting of the new independent Worldconnectors association will take place. Worldconnectors has until recently been supported by NCDO. Although this cooperation has led to many fruitful outcomes, the members are positive that their...
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