Building Effective Partnerships for the Post-2015 Development Agenda

By Redactie  op Friday 23 January 2015
On 19 and 20 January the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation held a 2-day Steering Committee meeting on effective partnerships for sustainable development. The topic was considered in relation to the post-2015 agenda. Through their multi-stakeholder approach, Global Partnership...
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Moving to a sustainable model for civilization: Herman Wijffels shares his vision with Mondiaal News

By Redactie  op Monday 12 January 2015
The present civilization model is not capable of sustaining the growing world population and consumption levels over the long term. Even though we would rather not occupy our minds with these problems, there is no way around them. In an...
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Vacancy Young Worldconnector

By Redactie  op Thursday 18 December 2014
Following the principles of the Earth Charter, youth play an important role in the Worldconnectors Roundtable. The Worldconnectors aim to develop new perspectives on global issues by bringing together people from different professional sectors, religious backgrounds and walks of life...
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Oneworld Interview with Visionair and Chairman Erik Thijs Wedershoven

By Redactie  op Wednesday 10 December 2014
At 28 years of age, Erik Thijs Wedershoven is a very young Chairman for the Worldconnectors Association. What motivated him to reach this level and why does he belief in bringing together leaders from different sectors of society to further sustainability and development?...
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