Frans Versteeg

The Earth Charter has become more and more meaningful to me in recent years. After many years in the international business world, I have come to experience the Earth Charter as a summary of my beliefs.

Taking the life process of the Earth, our home, as a starting point. As ‘natural’ as it may sound, we, as humanity, seem to have become increasingly distant from it at this time.

For this reason, I find the Earth Charter and the call to seek a new beginning more necessary than ever.

Through my projects in energy and food transition, I have gradually become more focused on water: Today, about 2 billion people live with water scarcity and water stress. If we do nothing, that number could be 5 billion by 2050. In my opinion, transporting water on a global scale will become necessary to help large areas and many ‘megacities’. Through the Greenlandic shaman Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, I became involved in the challenge of doing something with the melting ice of Greenland.

In addition to water scarcity, there are also significant challenges with the quality of our water. Chemical pollution is just one part of it. Human-caused electromagnetic pollution has also become a significant problem. I believe that restoring water to its ‘natural structures’ has become essential for our environment and ourselves. Introducing vitalized water into the world is a second activity for me.

From my HR/organizational consulting practice, I work with companies on new inclusive leadership, so that organizations for the next phase of our consciousness development can be built, especially from the business sector. The Earth Charter can make a significant contribution to this consciousness development.

For more information, please visit the following websites: CC Coach and For Good Clean Change.