Girma Segaar

What does it mean to be human? Answering that question is his life’s work. For him, it seems to be primarily about the relationship of humans to themselves, to others, and to the world. That’s why Girma is engaged in contributing to social and ecological justice on a small scale, from how he interacts with himself, family, and friends, to the larger scale, including his role as an entrepreneur in ecological building materials and as an advisor on social and societal issues

Personal motto:

Rivers know this; there is no hurry, we will get there someday.

Anniek van der Krogt

I’ve developed a strong understanding of sustainable development through my academic journey in Innovation and Business Analytics Management. My experience in account management and business development in the energy and FMCG sectors have provided me with practical insights into the challenges and opportunities within the realm of sustainable development. I have been involved in projects that have enabled me to collaborate with experts, community leaders, and policymakers, thereby honing my communication, negotiation, and leadership skills. I am excited about the potential to leverage the Worldconnectors platform to amplify the impact of initiatives that align with the Earth Charter’s vision and principles.

Persoonlijk motto:

Turning negative into positive

Caroline Lubbers

What causes our systems to stagnate, and how can we improve them? Caroline’s fascination with this question emerged early on. During her work for the think-tank LEAP2020, she learned a lot about system changes and, more importantly, how we can contribute to them from Europe. She became inspired by systemic thinking and the potential of the future. She has since incorporated this focus into her daily work in the sustainability of the cocoa chain. The challenges include deforestation, child labor, and a living income for farmers. In addition, Caroline is actively involved in gender equality and has established a network of women in cocoa.

Personal motto

Everything is possible

Nina de Kreij

Professional Background

Nina was born in Germany, studied in England, and now resides in the Netherlands with her husband and three children. After completing her PhD in Classical Languages at Oxford, Nina worked as a university researcher before transitioning to executive search. Through executive search, she aims to contribute to a world where sustainability and equality play a central role. Diversity is crucial for sustainable leadership, and it is rewarding to select individuals who truly make an impact within an organization.

Personal motto

Keep calm and carry on