Koen Eising

Koen is the CSR Director at Alliander, one of the three major regional grid operators in the Netherlands, operating at the heart of the energy transition. Before joining Alliander, he worked for various consultancy firms at the intersection of organizational development and sustainability. Koen studied public administration and political science in Leiden and completed the post-academic program in Organization and Change Management at VU University. He recently finished the Comenius Philosophy Course. With this background, he is fascinated by how today’s large corporations dare to make significant decisions that are urgently needed. He is interested in understanding the leadership we should trust or distrust. Koen believes that public companies must play a leading role in the sustainable transition. He shapes this belief as the initiator of the Green Networks coalition, where 8 infrastructure companies collaborate intensively on climate, circular, biodiversity, and impact measurement. He is the chairman of the Infrastructure Value Theme Center of Next Generation Infra. Koen is also affiliated with the Impact Economy Foundation.

Personal motto

A sustainable world requires not money or technology but a different set of values.

Werner Schouten

Professional Background

Until October 2021, Werner Schouten served as the chairman of the Youth Climate Movement. In this role, he represented the voices of over 100,000 young people, students, and young professionals in the realm of climate policy within politics and the business sector. Werner sees sustainability as an opportunity to build bridges, transcending social divides and bridging generational gaps, with the aim of collectively working towards a thriving future with harmony between people, the environment, and prosperity. Additionally, as the owner of the startup Carbon Clarity, he assists organizations in making their operations more sustainable.

Personal Motto

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”

Jack Cox

Professional Background

Jack is the director/owner of Forza Asset Management, an independent asset management firm with offices in Maastricht, Eindhoven, and Apeldoorn. In 2018, he founded Econsenso with the aim of bringing attention to the financial aspect of sustainability. His book, “Butterfly Economy: From Growth to Development,” was published in 2019, describing the development of an economy that, following the laws of nature, transforms from a caterpillar, always wanting more, into a beautiful butterfly.

Personal Motto

We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

Veronique Swinkels

“It doesn’t interest me
who you know
or how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand
in the centre of the fire
with me
and not shrink back.”
(oriah mountain dreamer)

Professional Background

Veronique Swinkels aims to change the world through creativity and activism. Until recently, she served as the director of BBK/Door Vriendschap Sterker, a communication agency for a better world. Currently, through Go for Good, she is actively working to systematically bring the SDGs and sustainability onto the agenda of businesses and policymakers. Veronique is a facilitator and next-generation coach, awakening the activist spirit in the new generation of leaders to drive faster changes in companies and systems. She is the founder of Duurzaamheids Dialoog and Global Goals Accelerator, an Earth Charter friend, and a board member of Worldconnectors and Lab Toekomstige Generaties (Future Generations Lab). She also serves on the board of LEAP, an international think tank that releases the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin every month. Veronique studied Communication and Communications Policy, completed the mediation training at the Center for Conflict Resolution, Deep Democracy at the Dialogue Hunters, Creative Leadership at THNK, and the online Sustainability Management program at Cambridge University.

Personal Motto

Learn from nature about the power of collective intelligence.

Sander van ‘t Foort

Sander van ‘t Foort is a PhD student at Nyenrode Business University and lecturer in international and European labor law at Ede Christian University. He also holds a number of political positions both at the local and national level. In 2017 he was enlisted as a candidate for the Dutch House of Representatives.

Professional background
Sander van ‘t Foort studied Business Administration and Law (cum laude) and did internships at, among others, law firm Nauta Dutilh in Amsterdam and at the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and UNICEF in New York. He was a national board member of a political youth organization and later curator (board member) at the scientific institute of the same party. Van ‘t Foort regularly publishes articles on CSR and sustainability within business law and environmental law.

Tjerk Wagenaar

In his current position as director of the foundation Natuur & Milieu, Tjerk Wagenaar aims to accelerate sustainability in policy making as well as in consumer choices.

Professional background
As consultant, project manager, financial manager and director Tjerk Wagenaar has supported and lead many organisations, such as McKinsey & Co, NS Reiziger, SNV and Eneco.

Personal motto
Omnia clarescunt in luce


Jos van Gennip

Jos van Gennip is one of the intiators of Wordconnectors and currently fulfills the role of President of the thinktank Socires.

Professional background
Jos van Gennip was President of the NCDO Board until December 2011 and is a former member of the Worldconnectors Steering Group. From 1997 until 2007 he was member of the First Chamber in the Netherlands on behalf of the Dutch Christian-democratic People’s Party (CDA), where he worked on issues regarding Foreign Affairs, Defense, European Cooperation and International Development. He was also director of the Scientific Institute of CDA from 1991 till 1999, and has fulfilled the role of Deputy Director-General of international cooperation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.