Welcome to the Celebration of Earth Charter Day 2022 – Round Table Intergenerational Justice

Times: 4:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Location: Estate Zonheuvel in Doorn

Welcome to all interested parties with your registration via this link (€25,- for youth; €50,- for members; €60,- for guests)

On June 29, we celebrate globally the launch of the Earth Charter, now 22 years ago. We commemorate this historic day at Estate Zonheuvel in Doorn with a special Round Table where all members and guests are warmly invited.

In collaboration with the Lab Future Generations, we, as Worldconnectors, Affiliate of Earth Charter International, offer a diverse program, including honest Future Proof Food – designed and facilitated by Natascha Kooiman (Smaackmakers), a musical performance by Ayla’s Castle, and Intergenerational Justice ‘Talks‘ with compelling contributions, see below.

The celebration of Earth Charter Day 2022 is a great opportunity to meet people, deepen your understanding, and gain new inspiration, especially when the weather allows us to be entirely outdoors in nature.

You are welcome from 4:00 PM onwards for reception and a special connection with the Earth. The program kicks off at 4:30 PM with the welcome address and a toast to 22 years of the Earth Charter by Kathleen Ferrier (Chair of Worldconnectors, Affiliate of Earth Charter International). Paul Lubbers (Board Member of Earth Charter International) will introduce us to the recent work and efforts of Earth Charter International, including their activities from the secretariat in Costa Rica.

You will also meet representatives from six other Earth Charter Affiliates from Europe (Germany, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, and Sweden). They will be in the Netherlands for the NEEDS training taking place from June 28 to July 1 at Estate Zonheuvel. How do we inspire each other in our commitment to global sustainability? A great example is the stories brought by our Earth Charter Friends from Spain; take a look at the Earth Stories Collection website. The event will be conducted in English.

We will be building a unique Future Chair, which, in our view, will influence the consideration of the interests of future generations in crucial decisions made at Estate Zonheuvel. Designed by artist Jan van der Bijl (BoomhutBende), the Future Chair will be assembled by the management and members of the Supervisory Board of Zonheuvel. All participants will have the opportunity to strengthen the chair with wishes for the future. Tineke Lambooy (Lab Future Generations) will present the Future Chair on behalf of the organizers and provide an explanation.

After the Future Proof meal, we will gather at the Open-air Theater on the estate for interaction and ‘Intergenerational Justice Talks’ with Jessica den Outer (Rights of Nature), Katy Olivia van Tergouw (Stop Ecocide), Miranda Willems, and Jan van de Venis (Lab Future Generations).

As a contribution towards the costs for the meal and the special program with speakers and music in the beautiful location of Estate Zonheuvel, a ticket for a youth/student is €25,-; for members, it’s €50,-, and for invited guests, it’s €60,-.

We invite you to come together with a (different) young person you would like to celebrate this day with. Alternatively, consider purchasing an extra ticket for a young person whose access you help make possible.