Heleen de Mooij-Lubbers

“I SEE YOU – Sustainability starts with yourself. Where do we truly connect with our mind and heart? The art of truly coming back to our own source and, from deep trust, offering our real contribution and personal responsibility in all the beautiful core values that the Earth Charter provides. Awareness of what we may let go, do, and pass on together in the Earth that has been given to us. It starts with truly seeing yourself and seeing the other, beyond thoughts that have already formed. Beyond knowledge, beyond words, keep looking by being able to see.

It starts with one!

How may and can we look differently at the talent in everyone, in nature, in every culture?

I am blessed to be the daughter of my loving parents, my father Mr. RFM Lubbers, who has meant a lot to Earth Charter with his wisdom. In my younger years, I consciously and unconsciously received wise words of meaning.

I am grateful to be part of the “Friends of Earth Charter Netherlands” and to contribute and inspire where desired.

To contribute to the warm group of people and organizations that consciously commit to the Earth Charter or any form in the broad and beautiful visions of sustainability. Above all, I hope to embark on a journey with the more unconscious field and engage in conversations with those people, to listen, touch the core, and together create awareness to make a difference.

How is it in our education, where we have developed so much from our thinking, collected so much correct knowledge, and also run the risk of being further away from our source? When we SEE the talents and passions that each individual possesses, a world opens up. And when you encourage that, the impossible becomes possible for every student, our future leaders. Society and education have developed from thinking.

“We are so much more than we think.” How can we use emotional, and spiritual intelligence much more alongside true cognitive analyses? How pure can we remain and bring forth wisdom together? Wisdom beyond intelligence. From authentic leadership, intrinsic motivation arises to make a difference. “What you give attention to, grows.” How consciously do we give our attention to the positive difference we want to make together?

From wisdom, we are all one and have to take care of each other and embrace and respect diverse cultures. We share the belief in Love.

For sustainable development, my father advocated Pneuma as the fourth pillar alongside the three Ps: People, Planet, and Prosperity. Spirituality in this modern time, “beyond religions,” is important. The art of looking further, looking beyond judgment to see the gift.

What prevents us from truly seeing? Fear of what cannot or should not be seen. The courage to look beyond old loyalty and to talent and possibilities beyond the expectations of the system or our history.

The pressure of performance is increasing, and even now, in a society where much is required, we also want to convey our responsibilities in sustainability. When we realize that we mainly get to do this, the first step has been taken.

From must to meet. From looking to seeing. From talking about to doing together.

Taking personal responsibility is crucial for everyone in the system. When each individual can take their own, also emotional responsibility, the next generation is free to develop as optimally as possible. To experience space and free awareness and, from themselves, create the awareness and personal motivation in their share for our collective existence.

One of my father’s messages is: ‘Strong economy through ecology.’ Respect for the natural balance is crucial. My follow-up message is: ‘Strong society through connection and natural balance of heart and mind, of IQ and EQ.’ The power of looking through the eyes of our hearts and showing that we are so much more!

Life goes on, and the times, that is us.

‘Be who you want to be.’ Truly being who you are is sometimes our greatest challenge.

Do you follow the path of expectations, the expectation of how it should be, the experience that has already been formed by (family) history, or do you follow the path from your desires, not to prove the opposite, to live from authentic power?

To discover from authentic power is good to experience that it is you who can make a difference rather than waiting for the difference or change to be made by others or that system you depend on.

Discover your own qualities and look beyond the rules, beyond the imagined requirements, dare to show yourself, beyond old loyalty.

To make that difference, to discover what increases happiness is sometimes just: being silent.

In these two words, Silent and Being lies so much meaning, silent to be able to hear and see beyond (not) knowing and Being in all its purity to receive. Receive wisdom beyond intelligence. Is that not what true education in sustainability is about?

It was an honor for me to speak about this in January at the Earth Charter Education Conference in Costa Rica. Beautiful encounters and much inspiring wisdom to receive and pass on together.

Looking from your own core, from yourself – completely contrary to looking from yourself – to the big picture, I think ensures the ultimate form of liberation. Freedom means not only being free but especially the right to do good. To bring forth the good together.

Heleen de Mooij-Lubbers – In Eigen Kracht