Henkjan Laats

Henkjan is the director of Cross Cultural Bridges, an organization that transfers and exchanges practical and knowledge-based transitions contributing to “Good Living”: biocentric knowledge and practice based on the Andes-Amazon concept of “Sumaq Kausay.”

Professional Background

Henkjan holds a master’s degree in Tropical Cultural Engineering, specializing in philosophy, and a Ph.D. in conflict transformation. With 25 years of experience, he has collaborated with indigenous organizations in Nepal, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, and Bolivia. Henkjan also serves as an expert in holistic science at the UN organization Harmony with Nature, working on issues such as agro-ecology, conflict transformation, the commons, inclusive integration, land and water issues, and crisis management with youth, indigenous peoples, artists, producers, and immigrants.

Personal Motto

I am because We are, as part of Nature.