Rob van Tulder

Rob van Tulder is a professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is the founder of the steering group Business-Society Management and he is also Academic Director of the Partnerships Resource Centre. This centre builds bridges between people in academia and practitioners in order to tackle international development issues through cross-sector partnerships.

Professional background
Rob van Tulder is an international political economist. After his studies and his PhD (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam, he has been a consultant for international businesses, civic organisations and international organisations – such as the UN, UNCTAD, IMF and the EU. He is also a guest professor at various universities all over the world and professor ‘international business-society management’ at the Erasmus University since 1997. In addition, he has written multiple books and articles about international relations, skills, codes of behaviour, technological and industrial policy. Currently, he is particularly active in the field of diplomacy and sustainability and public-private partnerships in order to further the Global Goals.

Personal motto
I will enhance to search for collaborative solutions for wicked (societal) problems.