What is a Worldconnector?

The members of Worldconnectors, affiliate Earth Charter form a diverse community comprising policymakers, entrepreneurs, scientists, as well as representatives from NGOs and the media. However, more than just individuals from various fields, they are connectors who embrace collaboration within an interdisciplinary network dedicated to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to the SDGs, the core values and principles of the Earth Charter serve as the foundations of Worldconnectors, with members passionately striving to advocate and apply this Earth Charter within their private spheres of influence.

A Worldconnector is someone who recognizes the profound value of collective efforts and seeks to absorb these newfound experiences into their professional and personal lives. For a Worldconnector, the importance lies not only in meetings, knowledge exchange, and inspiration but also in taking tangible actions that can turn goals into reality.

Members have access to the colorful network of Worldconnectors, visibility on our website, and invitations to events and gatherings (primarily held in Dutch). Additionally, we encourage an atmosphere for mutual support and empowerment as an integral part of the organization. After all, it is only through cooperation that we can bring about real change with a lasting impact.