On the last Earth Charter Day, a number of Worldconnectors signed up for a new initiative aimed at getting to know each other’s activities and linking them to a collective action; our common agenda.

This led, among other things, to the question of how we can effectively convey our work to others. What is our common story, our narrative? We settled on the story ‘Who Speaks for the Tree?’, in which the focus is on considering how Nature can have a voice in every decision we make.

Subsequently, we developed a box containing this story, a bag of seeds (The Three Sisters), the 16 principles of the Earth Charter, and information about Worldconnectors, the Earth Charter affiliate, The Earth Stories Collection, Earth Story Tellers, and SDG Netherlands as the founding organization. The box can be used in various ways by supplementing it with additional materials: as a means to increase a company’s engagement with Nature; as a year-end gift to relations and clients; as a tool to enhance awareness in primary schools by providing boxes with ‘the 16 principles in stories.’

The principle of our platform can therefore be nothing other than complementing each other as a community with talents, ideas, and availability, and as members of that community, asking each other to think and work together.