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  • Name of the Institution: Vereniging Worldconnectors
  • KvK-number: 61756857
  • RSIN: 854475096
  • Contact information: contact information can be found here.
  • Board: information on our current board can be found here.
  • Articles of Association: the articles of association can be found here.
  • Year Report: our annual organizational report for 2023 can be found here.
  • Policy plan: our policy plan can be found in the form of our Meerjarenplan 2023-2025


Worldconnectors form a network of opinion leaders from politics, media, government, science, business, and civil society, including youth and spiritual leaders. From these diverse perspectives, Worldconnectors strives for an open, tolerant, optimistic, and proactive Netherlands that positions itself as a global player embracing its diversity. Together, they develop new visions and actionable initiatives to address international challenges. The Worldconnectors network is used to inform and engage various players in Dutch society in setting up impactful projects. The vision and work of Worldconnectors are based on the UN Millennium Development Goals (2000) and the Global Goals (2015) as well as the Earth Charter.


Round Tables: The core of the network is formed by meetings and the exchange of ideas with fellow Worldconnectors. This can be done through Round Table meetings (approximately four per year), initiated by the board and the coordinator, where members are kept informed of various activities. In addition, additional meetings can be organized at the initiative of the members, for example, in response to current developments, to contribute to Worldconnectors’ ambitions.

Working Groups: At the initiative of individual members, thematic working groups can be established. The working group determines how to address a theme. Members of the working groups meet regularly to discuss the progress of activities. Innovative initiatives and organizations have been created from working groups, some of which have developed independently. Examples include True Price, the 1% Club, and the SDG Charter. For an up-to-date overview of our working groups, please refer to our page on this topic.

Dis on Tuesday: Dis on Tuesday is a gathering where a very small group of people, enjoying a good meal and inspired by a few (external) speakers, engage in discussions about current topics. The topic is suggested by the members themselves, and the meeting takes place at the home of one of the members. Participants bear the costs. A Dis on Tuesday can lead to the formation of a new working group, but it is not required.

Remuneration Policy

The board serves on an unpaid basis, and board members do not receive compensation or attendance fees for their work. Only incurred expenses can be reimbursed. The Worldconnectors are supported by a very small but effective staff, consisting of a coordinator with one or more interns and/or volunteers. No collective labor agreement (CAO) is applicable. All financial resources (100%) donated to the Association Worldconnectors are used for core tasks. The Association does not aim for profit, and there are no costs associated with fundraising. Fundraising efforts are carried out by board members in their free time. Currently, no money is spent on financial services by third parties.

Financial Accountability

The Worldconnectors Association is non-profit and financially independent. Furthermore, all revenues in 2023 were fully dedicated to activities aligned with the goals of the Worldconnectors Association. In 2023, Worldconnectors generated €38,577 in income from membership fees, and €45,000 was received from NCDO as a donation to support the secretariat and strengthen the ecosystem. Additionally, the association’s expenses in 2023 amounted to €87,037.43. The majority of this was allocated to compensations for coordinators and interns, while the remaining expenses were incurred for office-related costs and the organization of Round Tables and other activities. As a result, the association concluded 2023 with a positive balance of €49,266.95.

How Can You Support Us?

The Association Worldconnectors is largely financed by its members or through contributions from the organizations to which our members are affiliated. These contributions make it possible to maintain a small office for continuity. Additional donations are greatly appreciated and make it possible to realize more communication-related activities. Worldconnectors’ working groups regularly organize projects, typically in collaboration with various partners. The costs for these projects are shared. Extra donations for these projects are also very welcome.

If you would like to contribute (financially or ‘in kind’) to the Association or to specific projects of the Worldconnectors, please contact Coordinator Janneke Bosman.