Worldconnectors is an association with a board. The board has been chosen with an objective to foster diversity in terms of gender, age and background. If possible, they have been members for a longer period before taking up this position and have enough knowledge covering the breadth of the members’ backgrounds to be able to adequately represent them. The Chairman is chosen for a four-year period. Within the Worldconnectors network, the Board has a coordinating role and is responsible for the continuation and quality of the network’s activities. The new board consists of the following members:

ChairmanErik Thijs Wedershoven
Vice-chairmanAlexander Rinnooy Kan
TreasurerHerman Mulder
Secretary: Rachida Talal-Azimi
Board membersLynn Zebeda Rosalie de Bruijn and Bart Romijn

The Worldconnectors Association facilitates a limited number of activities in support of its network. To this end, the board, together with Coordinator Sander van ‘t Foort, organizes meetings, guides workgroups and recruits new members and partner organizations.