Food Working Group

It is widely known that a transformation of the global agri-food system lies at the heart of all the SDGs and achieving zero hunger is perhaps the most vital for the whole agenda. Hans Eenhoorn of Worldconnectors, former Vice President of Unilever (Foods) and member of the United Nations Task Force on Hunger puts it as follows: ‘We cannot accept a world in which one billion wealthy people are getting sick from over-consumption (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) whilst simultaneously one billion people are starving from food shortages, rendering so many physically and mentally incapacitated. Such a world is not sustainable’.

The need for a Dutch SDG Food Roadmap

Whilst ambitions are high, we lack a clear policy vision that can direct action. The Netherlands is in vital need of a Dutch Food Roadmap that incorporates all parties in the sector and existing initiatives, maps real opportunities for the Netherlands and encourages an environment of partnerships and collaboration. This roadmap should prescribe what actions should be taken, when and by whom. Without the policy vision and roadmap, the Netherlands holds a short-sighted agenda to tackle the global food related SDGs. 

Aim of the Working Group

The Worldconnectors Food Working Group will mobilize action to the creation of this roadmap. With an adept knowledge of the sector and through exploring the opportunities presented, the Working Group will have the mandate to take a lobbying position to see that a Dutch food roadmap is created and can be upheld. This has received broad support from sector actors and will be presented to the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Currently, there are many acting initiatives and actors, and there are concrete opportunities, but it remains unanswered as to how best take action and how to target investments and resources. The potential impact that the Worldconnectors Working Group has is great; to answer these questions and contribute to the realisation and subsequent action for the food SDGs in the Netherlands.