Lena Euwens

Lena Euwens got inspired by Tom Crowther’s recent research and thesis that there is space to plant “1 trillion trees” on earth. By protecting forests and planting billions of trees, we can slow down global warming and inhibit the loss of biodiversity. Many countries around the world have already picked up the glove, but time is pressing. Together with the Worldconnectors and international experts, Lena examines how we can help accelerate this process and whether the business community is willing to play a leading role.

Professional background

In recent years, Lena Euwens was director of Trees for All, a foundation that plants trees in the Netherlands and the tropics and she was chair of ‘De gezonde Stad”, a foundation dedicated to a green and circular Amsterdam.

She studied Cultural Psychology at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, She worked for almost 10 years as program and change manager at KPN Telecom. She quit the corporate world when she heard that her beloved Hortus Botanicus in the center of Amsterdam was threatened to be closed. After the successful rescue, she worked for some years as interim manager, among others for IUCN NL.