Peter Akkerman

Peter Akkerman (1993) is one of the writers of the National Environmental Program. He has a background in diplomacy and security issues. After starting his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he transitioned to sustainability. While peace and security are important, a livable Earth is the prerequisite.

Addressing biodiversity loss, the climate crisis, and environmental pollution are the challenges of our time, and Peter is passionately dedicated to tackling them. He enjoys working with young people and is the founder of the Youth Environmental Council, chairman of the foundation “Bos dat van zichzelf is” (Forest that Owns Itself), and the creator of Serendicity, an app for greening cities (currently in development).

Additionally, he is one of the organizers of the Symposium 50 Years of Environmental Policy (2021) and the National Environmental Day 2022 – Limits to Growth. Peter is also a creative individual with thousands of ideas, an enthusiast of meaningful conversations, a history buff, and an animal lover with a deep affection for nature.