Rindert de Groot

Rindert de Groot is director of Empowerplant, a company which specializes in concepts around knowledge and education, storytelling and debating. He has been member of the worldconnectors since it was founded. He is also a research associate of Studio Zeitgeist.

Topics that are of concern to Rindert are the knowledge society, sustainable culture and global change. From the conviction that people gain experience throughout their lives, inside and outside the walls of schools and organizations, Rindert de Groot develops innovative concepts to reinforce this. He does so, for instance, by starting an educative dialogue between citizens and policy and by recreating international policymaking for a diverse public.

Rindert de Groot was Youth Delegate to the UN and initiated UNISCA, the United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam, an academic simulation of the United Nations which is still being organized by the University of Amsterdam. Rindert is still internationally active and works from a large network.

Personal motto
Don’t go for far-fetched ideals, but set yourself ambitious goals and change them along the way.