Environment and Land Use

The participants of the break out session on Environment and Land Use developed recommendations for the Ombudsperson for Future Generations in the Netherlands. They strongly support the idea of an Ombudsperson for future generations, while the organisation should also invest in its network and it should therefore be called the Ombuds Persons for future generations. While the Persons could increase consciousness, they should also investigate opportunities based on:

  1. The Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek).
  2. Human Rights.
  3. Lawsuit of Urgenda and Friends of the Earth against the state on climate change theme as inspiration for other environmental themes necessary to tackle (climate, biodiversity, soil fertility, and more).

In addition, the Ombuds Persons should at all times take the interests of future generations into account with every decision making process with future effects. Other issues which were raised were: True Costs Pricing, Green Taxes, connecting it with the Sustainable Development Goals, and taking primary needs out of the market system, including agriculture, food, water, healthcare and others.

Finally, the transition steps regarding the Global Footprint should be taken into account while developing policies for the Planet and its current and future inhabitants, including:

  1. Stop ongoing growth of our Global Footprint.
  2. Introducing a quota for scarce resources.
  3.  Introducing a quota for energy and CO2, while combining those two as well.
  4. Extend with specific species and rare raw materials.
  5. Set a quota for Europe, in the global perspective, as a start towards Footprint Justice and a crucial step for future generations.

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