Janneke Bosman

My name is Janneke Bosman. From a young age, I loved helping people and wanted to solve problems and conflicts if they arose. To pursue this passion, I went abroad to help people in developing countries.

Once back in the Netherlands, I decided to apply this further. I started guiding groups during their coming-out process at the COC.

I also see it reflected in my work experience in international development cooperation. In this, I managed teams abroad for a long time, and regularly gave speeches to groups, up to 1.300 people.

I also worked for a time at De Luisterlijn (Sensoor), where anyone can go with his or her story.

Nowadays I follow one of my greatest passions: guiding people through personal coaching. I use the principles and techniques of Phoenix Opleidingen in Utrecht: Transactional Analysis, Systemic Work and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Curious? Take a look at www.jannekebosman.nl.

I do this next to consultancy assignments in the world of international development cooperation. A perfect combination.


Jolanda Schepers

Jolanda Schepers roams the world as a traveling Clinical Psychologist in search of what connects us as humans. At its core, we are all alike, seeking the same: a happy and meaningful life. How this looks is different for everyone. Jolanda integrates knowledge from Western psychology with the ancient wisdom of indigenous and traditional peoples, aiming to improve mental health and mental healthcare globally.

Personal motto:

In connection, we are allowed to grow.

Girma Segaar

What does it mean to be human? Answering that question is his life’s work. For him, it seems to be primarily about the relationship of humans to themselves, to others, and to the world. That’s why Girma is engaged in contributing to social and ecological justice on a small scale, from how he interacts with himself, family, and friends, to the larger scale, including his role as an entrepreneur in ecological building materials and as an advisor on social and societal issues

Personal motto:

Rivers know this; there is no hurry, we will get there someday.

Caroline Lubbers

What causes our systems to stagnate, and how can we improve them? Caroline’s fascination with this question emerged early on. During her work for the think-tank LEAP2020, she learned a lot about system changes and, more importantly, how we can contribute to them from Europe. She became inspired by systemic thinking and the potential of the future. She has since incorporated this focus into her daily work in the sustainability of the cocoa chain. The challenges include deforestation, child labor, and a living income for farmers. In addition, Caroline is actively involved in gender equality and has established a network of women in cocoa.

Personal motto

Everything is possible

Miranda Willems

Professional background

Miranda Willems is an independent social entrepreneur and project manager in the Lab for Future Generations and the Ministry of the Future. She connects with social movements that focus on future thinking for the generations after us. Her background is in leadership in sustainability and social innovation. In her profession as a Social Innovator, she focuses on the importance, voice, and rights of the generations after us.

Personal motto

Nothing is more beautiful than being good ancestors together.